SR-RCS-202U Code And HomeLink


Can HomeLink universal garage door opener which is equipped in some cars store/clone the SR-RCS-202U code?

I sent this question to Solidremote support email couple of days ago but I receive no reply.



Hello Ahmed,

Sorry for the late reply, it seems the email isn’t delivered (maybe caught in spam folder), we aim to answer every customer’s question.

During our sales to Europe, I once checked the code should be compatible with HomeLink, but I’m not sure it is also true in USA.

I’ve not received feedback from US customer about compatiblity, so sorry I can not say for sure.


Thanks for the fast reply.

FYI I did not find any emails in spam/junk.

Usually HomeLink remote openers can clone several different garage openers codes, but not all, and they may made different versions for US, Europe and rest of the world, the point is that I tried to clone from two different cars, one is US version car (made for US market), and the other is Middle East version usually has same as Europe garage door codes, and both HomeLinks are not able to clone the SR-RCS-202U code!. I thought that your device has a protected code that cannot be cloned by others.

Thank You.



I mean my email spam folder, if you sent the message via Amazon, Amazon might filtered the message if it contains website information, contact info or any other information Amazon considered inappropriate, and can’t reach our mail folder.

Anyway, yes we use rolling code system (kind of protected code) to improve code security, and maybe not compatible with Homelink system.

I remember there is a list of compatible models on Homelink site, perhaps you need to buy the listed brand / models, or use rather old fixed code (I’m not sure)

Here is the Homelink compatibility list

Hello again, would you please tell me the programming steps you have tried on your vehicle? I will let engineer check tomorrow, thanks.

And I refer to my email spam, I didn’t receive a reply when I sent the question about this subject the first time to Solidremote email, and also I didn’t receive a note when you reply in this topic.

This is how to program HomeLink:


Thanks for let me know about email problem, I will ask our tech people to fix it.

Yes I checked the YouTube video, it seems there is a cloning remote process (step 2), and that’s where our remote is not compatible.

I will ask engineer to check, if possible to make compatible remotes in future.

But it seems the current batch is not compatible with Homelink.

Please let me know if you need any other help, thanks.