Solidremote not working

I have a boat lift that an old wireless remote stopped working. Wired switch works to reverse motor to raise up and down. Trying to replace with solidremote. Motor runs by way of 4 pole solenoid. Basically wired it up the NO were + and the NO were - . The commons should reverse the polarity. Used 12G wires which was heavier than what was already wired to the solenoid except of course the ones coming directly off the battery. Hooked to 12v and programmed the DIP switches to pulse. Channel 1 was A. Channel 2 was B. The solidremote lights turned on when A or B was pressed. A made no noise. B made a clicking noise. I then touched the loose ends of the common wired to the solenoid post. A channel did nothing to lift motor ( but solidremote light was on ). B still made an audible click and ititially heard the lift motor make a noise but no lifting the wired remote still works as usual. Any ideas ? Could I have a bad faulty solidremote ? Why does button B cause solidremote to click and button A do nothing ? I tried to program button C the channel 1 but still only a light comes on but no click. Can I return for another one ? Thanks

Hello Seab,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

So when press button A, the SIG led on receiver board light up, but relay not click?

If the blue limit switches port is left unconnected (which means, there is no external wire to prevent relay from clicking), then it maybe possible the relay 1’s circuit is broken.

If this happens, of course you can return the item for a full refund, and order again if you still need the item.

Sorry for the trouble caused, and let me know if you have other questions, thanks.

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Those are photos of channel 1 red light with A. And channel 2 red with B. Yes only click with B. I would like to return I bought from Amazon a while back but since it was winter I had not had a chance to wire it up til now. Do I return to you or through Amazon ? Thanks

Yes I see the LD1 light up, which means the relay 1’s activating circuit is working, so I guess maybe it’s relay itself problem.

May I ask what type of power you use to power up our receiver? is it battery or from power adapter? if from battery can you try with 12V power adapter?

Our items are all fulfilled by Amazon, so you can find the order and return to Amazon I think.

Please let me know if you have other questions, thanks.

It’s from a 12v battery. As I initially mentioned it was to replace an older wireless remote on a boat lift. So there is no other power supply than a 12v battery. Don’t have a 12v power adapter other than a child’s toy. But don’t want to cut and splice that. Not sure why that would make a difference to make the relay click on one channel but not the other. Either way I’ll return it. Thanks for the help

Sure no problem, let me know if you need other help, thanks.

Yes I do need more help. Went to return through Amazon and the return window closed last month. As I stated before I bought for a boat lift but had not been able to try and install it in til last weekend. You said I could return and then rebuy it. How can I return at this point ? Can I return directly to you or buy a second one then return the first one ? Thanks

Sorry I wasn’t aware of the return window.

I think I can contact factory to see if we can send a replacement unit to you, or other solutions.

Please email us at, since we would need your private information such as address, and it should not be discussed on open forum.