Solidremote L-keychain-1 not switching modes

I have an L-keychain-1 and in order to open my garage door, I have to be in mode 2. When I hold the A and B buttons in for a couple of seconds, the led is supposed to blink so I can change the button. However, the led never blinks, and when I click button C to change it to mode 2, nothing happens.

What about the other remote in 2-pack?
Also the A+B button needs to be pressed roughly at the same time, or it won’t enter mode switching.
The video instructions can be found on product listing page.

I only have the one. This remote is used to control led underglow on my motorcycle. I bought my bike from a private seller and he had it installed and the remote came with the key. I tried holding down the A and B button for roughly 15 seconds and it never started to blink. Also, my led is blue, not red (if that changes anything).

Here is a picture of the remote

And here is a picture of the blue led, if you can see it clearly.

I see, it seems your product is not made by us.
Maybe you can ask the seller for more information?

Okay that explains it, thank you.

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