Smoked a V6 unit.. what happened?

202U V6 unit, wired up as a simple motor reversing driver. I had it wired up for around 10 minutes on the bench before it smoked and now doesn’t turn on. I’m not sure if I shorted something so I thought I’d just check here.
Not pictured, I had LS1 and LS2 ports wired into simple limit switches.

Thanks for your help… I don’t want to smoke any more!

Image from iOS (19)|375x500

I see you’re wiring as circuit below.

For motor application, please make sure the rating is < 6A @ 14Vdc.

From your second photo, it seems one of the power supply track is burnt, is it because motor forward & reverse causing the power supply voltage fluctuation?

Also the broken trace is near limit switch terminal, is it because there is high voltage somehow between the limit switch (when hooked to your motor control) and trace?

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