Skylight with screen control

I have a 202U.
I have a skylight that can be opened and closed AND a screen in the skylight that opens and closes.
I would like to have A open the window and B close the window, C open the screen, and D close the screen.
I am not sure how to set the 202U.

Hello Vince,

Do you have manual buttons on skylight and screen? I think 202U needs to control via the manual button (not directly on motor).

The skylight could be controlled by a switch on the wall or remote.
The remote receiver unit has failed and is no longer available.
We have tested both motors directly and they are working.
I though that providing power to the skylight motor to open on A and then reversing the polarity on B for closing.

Yes, if you have tested control motor directly by 202U successfully, then you can set our receiver to latching mode, and use A to forward, B to reverse, and C to stop.

But since both relays are used to control the motor, so there is no additional relay to control the screen.

I think you will need 4 channels relay to control all the functions (motor + screen), please correct me if I were wrong, thank you.

And I think control both skylight and screen is possible (using 2 channel receiver) only under one condition.

For example, there is one wall switch button for skylight, and another wall switch button for screen, and when you press once the (skylight’s) button, the skylight open, when you press again the (skylight’s) button, the skylight closes.

If the skylight’s open & close can be controlled by single button, then we can replace it with one relay, leaving the other relay for screen.

Please keep me updated, thanks!

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It has taken some time to reset the scaffolding to get to the skylight, 32".
I am now trying to understand how to just control the opening and closing of the skylight.
I will try and work on getting the screen to work latter.

I hooked up the 202U, Latch, R1 to open. R2 co close.
It worked but, my fault, I opened it up to far and it is physically jammed open. I now need to adjust the opening mechanism at the skylight.
Can the limit switch be set for a number of seconds? How can it be used to keep the window from opening too far?
Thanks in advance

I got the R1 and R2 to turn on - hit button again and they go off.
Am confused on how to make C an off for both.


For limit switches on our receiver, it just receive a incoming signal and turn off relays, so you can use a timed signal or (more commonly) infrared beam, then hook it to our receiver.

The basic idea is for example, you put a infrared beam at one end of window, when window passed the location, blocks the beam, the beam will activate and tell our receiver to stop.

For turn off both, program button C to special function (enter programming by press simultaneously both learn buttons on receiver, then program remote control button C).

And when in latch mode, C will turn off both.

Please let me know if you have further questions, thanks.

Can I extend the antenna on the 202 U?
Currently have the 202U opening and closing my skylight.
If I need a second to open and close the screen is there a unit that will do both or will the an additional unit come on a different frequency?

Yes, you can extend the antenna, by remove the old one, and solder new one.

You can use another 202U to control the screen, it won’t interfere with existing one, unless you press buttons at the same time.

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