Single remote button to trigger relays in turn?

I have a total of 3 commercial garage door openers, plus a single standard residential that I would like to control. I currently have no remotes, and they use three different frequencies, so putting a KIT-1 on each opener seems a great way to go. I’m hoping to be able to toggle door open/door close across all doors with buttons A B C & D.

The complication is the three commercial doors have separate triggers for open & close. If I use the NO contacts on relay1 for open and relay2 for close on a single receiver, with the new v6 interlock pulse mode, that sounds likely to be what I want, but I only see the briefest mention on page 4 of the manual in the Alternative Working Mode table.

The short form of the question, is will this interlock pulse mode let me program, for example, button B to give a ~.3sec pulse on relay 1, and then the next button B press gives a short duration pulse on relay 2?

Is there a way to buy just 202U receiver? I will need 4 receivers and 2-4 remotes should be more than enough. Getting 8 seems wasteful. If the answer to this question is yes and anyone needs a transmitter I’ll likely have some extra :slight_smile:


Hi Mike,
The interlock pulse mode is for small DC motor forward & reverse control, press A to forward, B to reverse etc, it can’t use single button to control two different relays.
I’m not sure if there is some module on market that can convert pulse signal into two different triggers for open&close, I just tried google but couldn’t find any.
202U receiver is only available in KIT-1, sorry about that.

Or you can check if your door has SBC single button control like the one below.

See page 12, it allows to open/close with single button.

Thanks for the tip! One of the openers is nearly a match to that and has a labeled “sbc” contact. The other openers are much older and don’t have labeled ports or remaining wiring diagrams or manuals but I found that going between pins 1 & 6 is a single button control contact.

So I got to share one receiver between two of those.

All seems reliable running slightly over voltage with just under 28vac coming in from the opener power supply.

I read the specs 9-30 on DC and only up to 24 on AC. Likely to damage the voltage regulator over time? Or probably okay as long as operation is satisfactory?

Thanks for the tip! Amazingly versatile product.
My only product improvement feedback would be a sliding cover for the remote buttons, or to recess them. I pushed them a few times accidentally with a pocket full or remotes while installing and programming.

28Vac is almost the highest voltage our receiver can handle, and since AC voltage are likely to fluctuate, it is highly recommended to use a power adapter for long time stability, and prevent possible damage.

Thanks for the feedback, I will forward that to our designer.

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