SimpleWiring diagram for 2 separate devices

Howdy, I am wiring up a railroad crossing signal and I have lights wired up and working fine but I also want to power the bell separate so it can be turned off but still allow the lights to work. I assume this would be done using the 2nd relay but I am not sure of the wiring on the controller. Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!

Just wire the bell on relay 2, same way as you wire the lights on relay 1.
Maybe you can take a photo of your current configuration, and I can draw the bell wiring on it if you need further help, thanks.

Hi William, thanks for getting back. To power the flasher module for the lights, I used this diagram

I guess I’m not sure what connection would be for relay 2. The bell is just a simple positive and ground 2 wire setup, it has an onboard module that cycles the ring off and on so I don’t think I need a relay but perhaps I should so I’m not pulling the power thru the remote ? Thanks again.

To clarify…by “ don’t think I need a relay” I am referring to an external relay that I can trigger via relay 2 on the solid remote. Sorry for any confusion. Thanks again !

So you’re using same power supply for both your lights and our receiver.

What’s your bell’s voltage rating? is it same as your led light?

Yes it’s all 12 volt, lights and bell. External 12 volt power supply. I’m open to changing the wiring if need be.

Like above.

Thanks William! I appreciate it. Appears I was over or under thinking this way too much lol.

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