Simple on/off ... maybe not to simple for TooOld

Hi ,
Setting up simple on/off switch.
I could only get the switch to hold on/off by programming button A = turn On.
Then Button B= turn Off. It’s the only way i found to make it work.
That is; stay on then stay off!
I have the switch set at
1 off
2 on
3 off
4 off
By some miracle is this correct? Oh well no mater it works! Super!

Thank you TooOld

Your dip switches setting is correct.

By program button A to Relay 1
program button B to Both Relays 1&2

You can make A to turn on relay 1, B to turn off both relays.

Hi William!
Thank you so much for your response !.I have watch all your videos, read many of your posts and just figured that out. Dam your good!!
Thanks so much for all your contributions it made this go very easy.

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