I want to connect the low level light 12VDC transformer through the switch so that I can remotely turn the low voltage LED lights on and off with the remote. (If I kill power to the transformer, I have to manually reset it to “ON” so my intended solution is to use KIT 1 to route the 12VDC through the receiver so that I can turn the lights on and off with the remote.) My understanding is that I run wires from the 12VDC terminal and common terminal from the transformer board to the receiver input terminals marked 12-14V AC/DC, then run lines from COM and NO (I am assuming polarity will not matter) to the low voltage wire. Is that correct?

Also, I am assuming that I set DIP 1 to ON and DIP 2 to OFF.

For a led strip on/off application, the following photo might help.

To your LED lights, Polarity does matter.

Thank you for the wiring diagram and the note about polarity. I wired exactly as the photo shows, but still no success. I am sure I have the polarity correct because the lights work with power coming directly from the 12VDC transformer to the lights. Once I put the receiver in the line, the LED lights will not come on. If you are looking at the DIP switches, DIP 1 is on, and 2 and 3 are off. Right? I have both of the remote transmitters set so that all 4 buttons on both remotes are set to control the receiver. In other words, I pushed both “learn” buttons at the same time and had it individually learn all 4 buttons on each remote. I can hear the relays clicking and see the bottom light in the receiver come on and the light on the top left come on briefly, but no power comes through. I am wondering if there might be an issue because I am using 14 gauge wire for the lights and probably 18 gauge from the transformer to the receiver and from the receiver to the lights. Any suggestions?

Maybe I should add that the LED total only about 50 watts with a run of about 40 feet.

Can you take a photo of your current wiring and upload to so I can check?