Simple circuit light flashes and shuts off some times

I have a simply circuit to control an LED strip. Getting weird behavior.
Sometimes it works as expected: hold button on remote, light turns on until I release the button and the light goes out.
Sometimes it does not work: I press the button and the unit clicks on and off very fast. I notice the PWR light on the board turns on and off fast as well.
More often, it does not work as expected.

If PWR turns on and off fast, it means the power supply or power circuit is faulty, maybe try following

  1. disconnect led strip, powers our receiver only and try if the PWR on & off fast.

  2. try change a dedicated 12vdc power adapter.

  3. check if the target circuit shorts (when your led circuit shares same power supply with our receiver).

A different power supply did the trick. Not sure why… Perhaps needed to draw more power.

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