Setup as linked & toggled switch?

I need help on setting up 202U receiver (V5 version) and TX134 transmitter as a switch.
I have two cameras on the back of a camper trailer and want to switch the 12V power supplied from one to the other, either with one button to select camera A (no B) and another to select camera B (no A), or simply a linked toggle to have a button toggle from camera A on and camera B off, to camera A off and camera B on. What is the setting to allow one or the other scenario? Or, failing that, how to ensure that when the relay to one is closed that the other is open?

You can use toggle mode (one of standard modes) to switch between relays, so
Press button A (relay 1 on, relay 2 off)
Press button B (relay 2 on, relay 1 off)
Press button C (turn off both relays).

See below video for working modes settings

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m confused though as the manual for the 202U receiver (91lQgdViYOL.pdf) talks about 4 DIP switches. I won’t have this in hand until tomorrow so don’t know what the receiver itself looks like and only know that it is listed as being a 202U receiver (V5 version) and (2) TX134 transmitters.
Also the video doesn’t appear to address the situation as you listed it (and, as I do indeed need to have it set up); namely
“Press button A (relay 1 on, relay 2 off)
Press button B (relay 2 on, relay 1 off)
Press button C (turn off both relays).”

Currently all receivers are V6 version, just Amazon page not updated yet.

For V6, see video below.

Please turn subtitles on, thanks.

Thanks again.
Just to restate my intent to see if the standard mode will allow this, I need the 202U to act as a DPDT switch, where one camera is wired to relay one and the second camera to relay two; and so that whenever there is power to the 202U, the relays are ALWAYS in opposite states (logically NAND), especially NEVER BOTH ON.

It’s our interlock toggle mode.

When 202U powered on, both relays are OFF.
Press button A (relay 1 on, relay 2 off)
Press button B (relay 2 on, relay 1 off)
Press button C (turn off both relays).

Does above mode work for you?

At first I didn’t appreciate that the switch only serves to open and close a circuit, so tried to wire it with hot lead to com and gnd to N/C.
Then understood that the switch needed to be in the middle of either the hot or the ground lead, with one end of the cut lead connected to the com terminal, and the other end of the cut to lead connected to either the N/O or N/C terminal.
I set the dip switches to only 2 on, and connected the leads to the Com and N/C terminals, since I found that connecting to the Com and N/O terminals meant that they were both briefly on,
The delay in relay action using the N/C terminals is thus in turning on when switching rather than turning off. That ensures both lights are never on at the same time.
With Button A set through PRG1, Button B set through PRG2, and Button C set through the combined PRG1 and PRG2, light A (only) lights with the A button, light B (only) lights with the B button, and both turn off with the C button, all with only a slight delay between one turning off and the other turning on.
This is exactly what I had hoped to be able to do with the 202U!
Thank you for your patience with my efforts to understand and use this switch!

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