Setting up the 202U 2 channel receiver for a boat lift.

I have an older 12v Hydraulic boat lift. The remote actuator has stopped working. The lift still actives using the manual/local control. I purchased your 202U 2-Channel unit.

I set the 202U 2-channel up on my work bench. I attached a 12v battery minder as a power supply (measures 10 volts). I have all 3 DIP switches off.

I held down PRG1 and plugged in the battery charger. The power LED came on, and the Signal LED came on.; I continued to hold the PRG1 down and pressed the A buttion on the remote. The Signal LED flashed twice. I released the A button then I released the PRG1 button, and disconnected the power. I reconnected the power, held down the A button on the remote, measured the voltage across the NO - COM. The voltage was zero.

So, I did the “Deleting All Stored Transmitter Codes” process. I went through the programming sequence - the Signal LED comes on solid, but never flashed again…Did that a couple of times. The Signal LED comes on, but it never flashed again.



Hello Robert,

  1. About the voltage was zero
    It is as designed, since our receiver’s relay are voltage-free dry contact, so it just connect & disconnect circuit, you may need to connect additional wires to simulate output power.
    *** Please note, please don’t use our relay to directly control motor, as it highly likely exceed our ratings, which is 6A @12Vdc for inductive load like motors.

  2. Signal LED stays on solid
    This is weird, since our LED should flash when in learn mode, and received a valid RF signal.

After turned off power to receiver, and turn on again, will the receiver back to normal?
If not, try another transmitter, will it work?
If not, try another programming channel (another programming button, for example PRG2), will it work?
If not, Would you please make a short video, showing the programming steps? thanks.