Set time on a v5.

I have relay 1 set for momentary i need to set it the shortest time. Can you please help me. Thank You Jim

Hi Jim,

For momentary operation, the default time is already the shortest time for our receiver. (it should be around 500ms ~ 800ms)

Sorry it couldn’t be any shorter, because we need to balance responsiveness with stability.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

It don’t seen that short. I’m setting up a alarm the siren seem like it longer then that when I turn it on and off. But if that it I will live with it. Is there a way I can check it. Thank You Jim

The value are from our firmware, if you press the transmitter button longer, then the time will be longer.

In our V5 timed output mode, you can set fixed 1 second value (no matter how long you press transmitter button), please refer to following video if you think the 1second is more suitable for your application.

*** The following video shows how to set 35seconds, but the method for 1second is similar.

Thank You I got it I was holding the button too long. Thank You Jim

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions in future.