SCM5326P-3 dip switch remote - what frequency

Hello & thank you for this service.
I live in Singapore and have an older automatic gate with two functioning 2 button remotes and I need another.
(both buttons operate the same for gate opening and closing)

I purchased a 433mhz cloning remote and it appeared to capture the code as it did the appropriate “blinking” sequence after clearing and then cloning - but it does not operate the gate.
I posted a 1min video of how I programmed the remote at
The seller offers no help just saying it won’t work with no explanation. Of course I already KNOW it doesn’t work!

I suspect it is the frequency.
I have no knowledge of remotes so I certainly could be wrong.

How can I tell what frequency this operates at?
From my search it appears it is likely 433mhz, 330mhz or 315mhz…

The chip on the functioning remote is SCM5326P-3 & it’s an 8 dip switch remote.
There are a few other numbers printed on some of the components on the board.
Directly beneath the SCM5326P-3 it says PBA87CA53M
At the top of the board it says S02P420R9535

If you can please let me know what I’m doing wrong.




I have just checked your video, your cloning process seems to be correct, and since it might be frequency mismatch, would you please take a clear photo of your original remote’s inner circuit board, so our engineer can check it for you?

You can use image upload website, such as or and then post the image link here.


I will mark it as resolved due to no further response, please post in the thread if you would like to reopen it, thanks.

Hi and thanks for your quick reply.
The internals photo is at

Thanks again

Your remote is using an adjustable capacitor (the blue cylinder component) to change the working frequency.

Based on my experience, your original remote can be any frequency between 300 - 450Mhz, it’s better you can check using a frequency meter, to verify the cloner’s frequency is what you need.

Just for interest sake…
I struggled to find a frequency meter locally in Singapore for under $100…
I’ve purchased the following unit
Hopefully that will sort this out once and for all.

Thanks a lot for your time & service

Yes, the simple frequency counter will work for the purpose, thanks for sharing with us.

The remote freq is 330mhz. The btn color is green n red. I’m from johor. Don’t hv to buy the freq counter

Thanks Eddie but, too late - already purchased & arrived.
Good news is that it works - and confirms your comment - it’s 330MHz
All the best

Oops - that didn’t work…
Photos posted at