Schematic for Solidremote 202U

I just purchased 5 Solidremote 202Us on Amazon and I need to modify them so that both relays are controlled by the same remote button. The relays will be configured in the pulse mode and the load will be connected to the normally closed contacts so that an always-on system can be power cycled.

Hello Murray,

Do you mean you want to treat both onboard relays as single relay? if so why not connect all wires to one relay? due to current limits?

Please let me know, thanks.

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Yes, I want to treat both onboard relays as a single relay. Two different voltages are being switched. I’ve previously modified remote control switches like these and I probably can suss out the traces to cut and bridge but a schematic will make it easier. No problem if you need to have an NDA to release the schematic.

Sure, I asked our engineer, and here you are the photo connection guide.

Please let me know if it works, thanks.

Hi William,

This worked great. However, I realized after I read the programming instructions more carefully that I could just program both relays to respond to the same button press, dah. 8^)

BTW, do you sell a compatible single button controller?


I’m afraid the modification you did is the only way to make one button control two relays, since the receiver will only activate one relay at a time.

Sorry we don’t have single button remote, we only have 4 and 2 buttons version, and only 4 button version is available on Amazon.

I need to activate both relays with one button action, because one relay is merely pulling a logic input to ground, the other relay needs to switch 12 vdc to an LED. Can I modify the 202U to drive both relays from the same current driver?? A simple picture / schematic of the board layout regarding the relays would be so helpful.

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Mike Fisher

The post is more than one year ago, and information on it is outdated.
In our V5 version, you can use one button to control both relays, just program both relays to the button you need.
No mod is required anymore.