Reprogramming the microcontroller

I’d like to put my own code into the 15W204S. Is there anything that will stop me from using the ISP pins? Can you provide the pin assignments? (relay control pins, limit switches, PRG1&2 pins, data pin from the 531R, etc.). I could discover them myself but it would be easier if you could just give the to me. I have a project where I need to drive a digital pot and think I can fit my code into the 15W204s and drive the pot with the limit switch pins (after reversing their direction of course). This would save me the trouble of adding an additional controller in my system. I’m also unsure about how the multiple transmitter buttons are encoded on the D0 pin of the receiver but I’ll figure that out after I confirm that I can program the controller.

Sorry I don’t have / can’t provide that information, you can easily figure out the pin assignments using a multimeter though.

The microcontroller itself is a FLASH part, so you can reprogram the controller using ISP pins, but your code most likely won’t work with our remote, and after you programmed the chip, our original program will be permanently erased, there is no way to get it back.

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