Remotes stopped working

I bought 2 G3T-R ACSCTG Type 1 G1T 38502R Garage Door Opener Remote, Compatible with Genie Overhead Door Intellicode in 2019 which have both stopped working. When i press the button the green light doesnt light up any more. So i change the battery in one and it still didnt know work. Can you please help

If change battery doesn’t work,
please try erase all codes on your opener, then try program to opener again, to see if it works.

How do i erase all codes on the opener?

Please see below.

Why will i need to erase my opener. I have 2 other Solidremote which are working fine. If i erase my opener i will need to reprogram all my remotes and number pad. Cant i just reprogram my solidremote (one with new battery)?

Because sometimes the remote will transmit wrong data when battery is extremely low, and opener recorded the wrong data, then refuse to work with that particular remote.
In that case, you will need a receiver reset.
It might or might not work, I can’t say for sure, it is just a standard troubleshooting procedure.

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