Remote won't turn off

Remote will turn on but not turn off, even with dip switch set to pulse.

Hello David,

Sorry for the inconvenience, please try the following.

  1. clear all receiver memory
  2. program remote button A to relay 1
  3. program remote button B to relay 2
  4. observing relay 1&2 behaviour by pressing remote button A, B etc.

Can you tell me the relay 1 & 2’s behaviour (working mode) by your observation?

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Hello David,

Still waiting for your update.

Please also try push the DIP switches to ON then OFF again to limit, sometimes DIP switch stays a little far away from OFF, will be recognized as ON, maybe that is the issue.

Hello David,

I will mark this topic as resolved due to no further response, please contact us at any moment via ‘contact us’ page if you still have questions, thanks.