Remote with SLIDING COVER for 202U/402U

Thank you for your great products. We have been using receiver 202U v4 for years without any problems.

However, I would very much like to buy some new remotes (keyfobs) with a sliding cover since it’s too easy to press a button by mistake when the TX134 is in my or my partner’s pocket. That is, we don’t like TX134 (sorry :slight_smile: ).

Please tell me which remote (keyfob) with sliding cover will work with 202U v4, and which remote will work with 404U that I will buy soon?

Best regards

P.S.: I’m going to buy two new 402U receivers when you have them back in stock to get extended range and better security.

Thanks for the feedback,
Sorry but we don’t have slide cover type remotes for the receivers.

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