Remote we received does not work

We ordered 371LM. What we received has L-Visor-1 in the same spot. The FCC #'s are different. Tried following directions but it won’t work. Please advise.
Susan Porter

What’s your garage opener’s model number?

HI William,
Thank you for the quick reply.
The numbers on our old opener are: 371LM and FCC ID: HBW1573
The numbers on the one we received from Solidremote are: L-Visor-1 and FCC ID: 2AYZ7-T1

Again, thanks in advance,
Susan Porter :wink:

I see, first please make sure our remote’s led shows bright steady light (not flashing), when pressed & hold any button.
Then you can try program remote as video below

If not working, please try the following

  1. program other button on remote, the small one or middle one
  2. erase all codes on garage motor, then program.


I appreciate your help, but we ordered to others with only one button and both work great. How can I return the two remotes from Solidremote. Thank you for your help. Susan Porter

Sure, just check Amazon to see if the order is eligible to return.

Thank you once again. You’ve been very helpful. Susan Porter

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