Remote programming

I have a kit-1 202U receiver and tx123 transmitter.
I have a cabinet with doors with electronic locks. I will use 1 relay for each door (2 doors) so I plan on using button 1 on the remote for door 1. Button 2 for door 2. I would like to use button 3 to open both doors at the same time. Can this be done if so how?

Does your lock support manual trigger? that you can wire our relay output to it?

Please first focus on one lock, to see if it works.

Yes, you apply 12vdc momentary and it will unlatch. It will unlock just fine

So just wire relay 1 to lock 1, and relay 2 to lock 2.

Use Button A to control relay 1, Button B to control relay 2. and Button C to control both relays 1&2.

For button to relay programming, please refer to our video manual, thanks.

Got it all working thank you for the help.

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