Remote paired but won't open door

Just bought replacement for remotes 139.53879 from Amazon. Followed instructions to pair and they seemed to pair since the light flashed. BUT…remotes do not open door. The opener is Craftsman 139.53954 and I currently have an opener paired that works so I don’t want to reset everything since I need to know an opener works. Any ideas on what to do before I return these?
Thanks in advance.


From the model number 139.53954, you door should be a red/orange learn button one (security+ 390mhz) opener.

But from the model number 139.53879, you door should be a green learn button one (billion code 390mhz) opener.

So would you please check if your currently working remote is 139.53879 ?

If so, please make sure our remote is in Mode 2 (the led on Remote should flashes, when pressed & hold any button).

The method how to change from Mode 1 (factory default) to Mode 2 can be found on Amazon product listing videos.

Also during programming, maybe you can try other buttons on remote (such as small buttons), to see if other remote button works.

If still not, usually I would recommend erase all codes on opener, but if you prefer not to reset opener, please just see if you can return for refund.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

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