Remote options for SR-RCS-202U

Would the TX-135 transmitters, shown here: , work as a replacement for the TX-114 transmitters that came with the SR-RCS-202U remote relay kit? And if so, where might they be available for purchase in single quantity? Thanks in advance.

Not sure why the link didn’t post… lets try again, TX-135:

In theory, we can make any shape transmitter that works with 202U, because it’s the inner board that matters.

However, TX-135 is not in stock, and we don’t have plans for them to be available for retail. (they’re designed for bulk OEM orders only)

TX-114 transmitter (now replaced by TX-134 FCC ID model) has cutting edge technology built-in, and it’s definitely one of our best.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the quick response. The main feature I’m looking for is the guard for the buttons. I’m adding this relay to control the lift gate on a large diesel box truck. While I’m adding safety features such as a limit switch disconnect for when the lift gate is in the fully retracted position ( disconnects remote power, so lift gate has to initially be lowered by the hard-wired switch then remote can be used, to prevent accidental lowering while driving ) among others… I noticed the guarded button transmitters after my purchase and think they’d be a good idea. Any other options that would work and are available by chance?

Understood, so you would like remote control with sliding cover.

We only have one type that meets your requirement, see below

But it’s more expensive and require minimum 10pcs order.

Ah I see. I assume this is due to the type of rolling code IC used in the 202U? It seems the terminology between learning code, rolling code, and subsets/versions of the two varies between whos info you’re reading. Makes it a bit tricky to determine what will work with what. Perhaps I can find a fob shell that has a cover of which I can fit, or adapt to fit, the pcb of the remotes from the relay kit into. Thanks for your time though. And I also enjoyed reading many of your blog posts regarding the different technologies and advances in remote controls. I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge.

Sure Sean, adapt our board to other enclosure can be lots of fun.

I will mark this topic as resolved for now, let me know if you have any questions in future.

Sorry to bother you again William, but perhaps you could clear up my understanding of these transmitters/receivers in relationship to Rolling Code technology. The 202U I purchased ( will receive it tomorrow ) was stated to use Rolling Code for the transmitter/receiver. From my understanding of the keeloq system ( from Microchip docs ) a secret manufacturers code is factory programmed into the chips for the transmitters and receivers and used during the learning process between the two. If so, how is the remote you suggested above ( ) compatible with both your relay receiver and the garage door manufacturer it’s listed to be used for? Is there some other process of learning used that circumvents the need for manufacturer codes?

Sure, ours are programmed to accept several, and that one is one of them. Hope it helps, thanks.

Ahh I see. I was unaware they could be programmed with more than one manufacturer code at time. Unfortunately there’s not much of a non-bulk retail inventory out there of fob shells, at least not that I can find. So I was attempting to figure out what makes a fob compatible, in case some of the other random ones with button covers I’ve found may work. I’m rather advanced at soldering, so I’d even transfer over an IC from board to board if needed, but it’d still be a shot in the dark that the IC’s would be of the same package type/pin count. Oh well, was worth a shot… I should learn to browse the available options first before getting excited an ordering the first one I see so fast ;). Thanks again William.

No problem, since our keyfob uses all in one chip (to improve quality, and get FCC ID approval more easily), so the compatible pcb board is very hard to find.

If you need new fob shells, maybe you can draw a PCB layout, and get some prototypes made, then transfer our chip to your new board… (very time consuming, maybe not worth it, though).

Or you can check other receivers on market, they may provide more options.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Do you make public the schematics for your board? Mainly, pinout of the IC and required on-board support components? Your idea sounds like a fun project challenge. But without some electrical guidelines to follow it would be a futile attempt.

Sorry we don’t provide that info, but since our chip is all-in-one, the other components and pcb tracks are pretty simple.

In case you need PCB prototypes made, maybe you can check out this one

We use it here in China, the overall quality, price and lead time is good, so I think maybe it helps. (however, we haven’t used its global PCB service, we just used domestic service).

I’ll see what I can come up with. I’ll update with some pictures/info on my lift control system using your relay and whatever custom remote assembly I end up with for the transmitter when done!

Thanks, look forward to it.

Necesito 2controles para sólido remite 202u enviar a guadalajara Jalisco .México cuanto cuesta gracias por su atencion

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