Remote Doesn't Close the Garage Door

I first erased all codes on my garage door opener motor per instructions, then followed instructions to program 2 new remotes. The remotes will open the door but will not close it. Also, now the wall button will not close the door unless I press it twice and hold it down the 2nd time until the door is completely closed. RF Transmitter T1 L-Visor-1 FCC ID: 2AYZ7-T1
What do I do to make this work?

First we need to rule out remote issues,
Would you please first try erase all codes again, and do not program any remotes.

Then control your door using wall button, to see if it works fine?
If it works fine, then it means your door’s motor and sensor is good.

Then you can try program remote, please first only program one button, then see if remote works, also if wall button works.

So we can solve the problem step by step, and identify the issue.


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