Remote change in October

On the Amazon order page, it’s mentioned that the remote is going to change in October:

“Current TX-114 remotes in package will be replaced by TX-134 Dual-mode RF transmitter in Oct~Nov-2017, TX-134 looks different (without metal plate on remote) from existing TX-114 model”

I’m about to order more units… What is the difference between the Tx-114 and 134 remote. Are you seeing better performance with the 134? Is it worth waiting?

Thanks… RB


As described on website, the difference is below.

  1. TX-134 looks different (without metal plate), it would be all black plastic. (just like TX-114 without metal plate).

  2. TX-134 is FCC ID certified. (back cover will with FCC ID, as part of our promise)

  3. TX-134 is dual mode transmitter, so it works with both 202U (in KIT-1) and 402U (in KIT-2) - the remote can be set to either mode.

The performance is same.

The change will be soon, I think in 7 days or so (around Sep 20th), and we will update product page when it happens.

Thank you,