Relays not switching

I’ve installed my 202U remote reciever, and I have power. I program the buttons and I get 2 quick flashes. When I push the button the signal light and the relay light blink quickly, but the relay never switches. I confirmed the relay is not switching with a multimeter. Neither relay switches. The signal and relay lights do not stay solidly lit with either remote, but flashes quickly.

Hello Ben,

Can you try clear the codes and program again?

Program shows quick flashes, means the remote signal is good (so receiver can receive it), and receiver module should be working.

Is it possible that the power supply voltage or current is too low, for relay to switch?

Are you using battery to power up the 202U receiver?

Please let me know, thanks.

I am using the 24V output on the garage door opener. The power light is constant. Clearing the programming changed nothing.

I’m still thinking about the power supply part, because relay led flashes quickly won’t happen in normal working circumstances, the only possiblity is when relay turns on, it draws a lot of power, and cause the system unstable.

Do you have a regular 12V power supply that can use for testing purpose?

I was thinking about the remote battery, but it is unlikely both remote has dead battery.

Are you online now? Do you use skype? maybe it’s easier to chat on skype.

Hello Ben,

I’m not sure if the problem is resolved? would you please let me know the results? thank you.


I will mark the topic as resolved due to no response, please let me know if you need help in future, we’re happy to help.