Relay specs say 2A at 120vac. Can this be wired?

The 202U relay working voltage says 20A at 120VAC. Can the relays be wired for this while the wireless receiver unit is powered at 12V? I can’t find a wiring diagram for this but there’s a nice blue terminal block that seems unused. TIA

The relay can switch up to 10A @125Vac load.

The blue terminal is for limit switches, it can’t be connected to any load (or will cause damage to receiver).

Please see relay datasheet for full specs.

Thank you William. As I understand it, the relays switch the input voltage to the NO/NC connectors for each relay. How do I connect 125vac to it so that NC/NO are using 125VAC?

The relay contact are dry contact, it does not switch input voltage.

The relay just act like as simple on/off switch.

Thank you William. I understand. The 202U is a wireless relay for 9-30VDC or 9-24VAC as per the specs and cannot switch 10A @ 120VAC. Correct?

No, the 9-30VDC (9-24VAC) is relay’s power input voltage, so relay can receive wireless signal and turn on/off relays.
It can switch 120Vac, see the wiring photo in manual below.

Ahhhhhh. I get it. Thanks.

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