Relay outputs

I have your 202u running off 12v DC. I can get LED’s to light up, program remote, etc. hear the click but not getting any voltage from the NO/Com terminals on either relay.

Videos very helpful but could not determine this problem. Thanks

I was able to get the relays to work. No more problem… However one remote is in the “flashing mode” and i tried the steps in the video ( remove battery, etc. don’t press “C” button and reinstall battery, but the flashing mode continues and will not work the relays.

For the ‘flashing remote’, please follow the steps to change working mode.
In current version remote, switching back to normal mode also requires press “c” button (instead of let go in previous versions in video).
Please try again and let me know, thanks.

Hi, i have the same problem. What did you do?

You mean no voltage from terminals?

It is as designed, our relay are voltage free dry contacts.