Red Button Craftsman 139-539-75-SRT1 not connecting to C-SP-390 remote.

My Crafstman 139-539-75-SRT1 red light will blink when I press the button on the remote but it will not open or close the garage door. Our remote is the C-SP-390.

I should have mentioned that our Craftsman is a red button like the remote we purchased.

Sorry for the trouble, I just checked the model 139.53975 should work since it is Security+ 390Mhz system?

Could you please send me your currently working remote’s model number?
This is to 1) further confirm the compatibility 2) make sure your opener’s receiver circuit is good.


Sorry, we just bought the house and the remote they gave us is an off brand one with no visible model number even on the inside. It’s duct taped together…

In this case, just return our remote for refund.
And check remotes from other suppliers, thanks.