Receiver will not power on

Hello, I purchased the recommended 12v AC adapter for this receiver, wired up per instructions (polarity not an issue) checked voltage at the receiver pwr connector (screw tops - 12.33vDC).
I tried reversing polarity just to check, no change, still no power LED, depressing pgm/learn buttons make no difference - the receiver seems to be dead.
Is there something else to try?


Hello John,

Sorry for the trouble, since 12.33vdc should work fine, so you may just got a defect unit.

Please just return it to get your money back.

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Hi William,
Thanks for the prompt reply, I think your right it’s a dead unit. looks like there are no more available on amazon (no longer available)
I really could use the functionality of this remote controller, I need two relays that “pulse” on a “NO” relay and noticed there is a Kit-2 w/402U available for a few dollars more
will the 402U pulse the relays like the 202U?
If so I’ll return this one and order Kit-2 instead

Hi John,

Thanks for the understanding.

Our next shipment of 202u is on the way, so if you can wait a few days (I think 5-7 days), you don’t have to spend extra dollars.

And yes, 402U will pulse relays like 202U, and it will normally get further distance (due to more advanced chip used).

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Thanks William - I’ll check out Kit-2
by the way GREAT SUPPORT!
This is how you sell products!

Again, Many thanks!