Raynor compatability

I have a Raynor Navigator garage door opener (circa 2000 with an orange learn button). I have a wall mounted Chamberlain wireless remote and needed new visor remotes.

I bought a twin pack from you and following the incredibly brief and simple instructions is not successful. I do not see any identifiers or markings on the visor remotes.

Help, please.

What’s your currently/previously working remote model? (if you have any).

And can you please take a photo of your opener’s label? (usually near the learn button, shows the opener model etc).


Here is the opener. Old remotes went to college.


I just checked your model 41a5021-1c is indeed Security+ 390mhz systems.

In this case, please check below.

  1. When pressed & hold any of our remote control button, the LED should turn on solid (not flashes), this is to make sure remote is in correct mode.
  2. Please try erase all codes on opener, the instructions is printed near learn button, then program remote again.
    Sometimes, this can be the problem.

If still doesn’t work after tried above, then maybe our remote is not compatible with your particular model, in this case, please just return the remotes, thanks.

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