Range issue with 202u v6 and t134

I have an issue with the 202u v6 and t134 remote I ordered. I installed it and programmed it correctly. Everything works but my range is only 3ft. I bought this to use to control a larger reverse polarity contactor for an oil vac system on my service truck. Receiver is mounted to one of the doors on the truck body and the door is open while I’m trying to use it and still no range. I’ve moved the truck to an open area away from any interference and I can still only get 3-5 ft of range. Remote batteries tested good at 3.1vdc. both remotes are equal in range issues. Any ideas?

Sorry for the trouble,
Maybe you can try change a different power supply and try again, sometimes it works.
And stretch the antenna.

If still not improving, you might got a defective unit, in this case, please return if possible.

Battery voltage is right off a battery on the truck. It is jumpered for the common on my outputs but I have 12 gauge wire feeding it with minimal draw has its just actuating a larger relay. I tried extend the antenna with just extra wire and no change. I trimmed a little insulation off the antenna it helped by maybe a couple feet but that’s it. I’m leaning on defective unit but wanted to see what others thought. Thanks for the reply.

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