Programming instructions

Keychain 4 button remote came without instructions. How do I program it?

Which model? thanks.

Says D Keychain 1. Pic.

So is it the case that there are no programming instructions for this remote control?

Sorry for the late reply,
L-Keychain-1 manual below.

Thanks. I suspected that was how it works but neither of these new controls respond. No light when 2 buttons are pressed simultaneously. Odd that both would be defective.

What’s your opener’s model?

Our remote needs to be programmed to opener directly, not by cloning.

True and I understand, but if the light won’t come on when simultaneously depressing both A and B, there’s not much that can be done.

Ok, please return the items, thanks.

Lol. Thank you for the offer. I appreciate it. However, since I live in Costa Rica, the cost of shipping plus customs doesn’t make it worthwhile. I do appreciate your help, however.

Can I ask what is your garage door opener motor’s model? maybe it helps.

It’s a gate opener but same principle. However, it’s 100 meters away so I’ll check it tomorrow.

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