Programming help 202U KIT-1

I purchased a KIT-1 202U.

I would like to program the device so that:

Button A to activate relay 1.
Button B to activate relay 1 & 2 concurrently.
Button C to turn off both relays regardless of current position.

I don’t want the relays to toggle with multiple button presses. The first press activates the relay, multiple presses would have no action. Is this possible with the receiver that I purchased?

Sorry it is not possible for 202U receiver.

But there is a workaround to use 2pcs 202U receiver, and program like below.

Program button A to 202U (#1) RELAY (#1).
Program button B to 202U (#1) RELAY (#1) AND 202U (#2) RELAY (#1).
Program button C to 202U (#1) RELAY (#1#2) AND 202U (#2) RELAY (#1#2).

And put all 202u in true latching mode.