Program 202U v6 R1 for latch ON/OFF; R2 for 300ms

Grateful for step-by-step assistance with the following:
Device has 4 DIP switches.

Remote Transmitter #1:
Relay 1: Switches ON and remains ON when A button is pressed and released; and switches OFF and remains OFF when C button is pressed and released.
Buttons B and D not programmed.

Remote Transmitter #2:
Relay 2:
Switches ON for 300ms when B button is pushed and released and switches OFF and stays OFF after the 300ms has elapsed.
Buttons A, C and D are not used.

When PRG + DIP switches settings are different for boot and after boot, and after programming is completed; if there is power failure, will the programming be affected?

Thank you

For the 1st question,
I see you need to put relay 2 into timer mode, while use relay 1 for other mode.
I’m afraid this is not possible, when receiver is in timer mode, both relays are in timer mode, and the timer values can be found on the lookup table.

For the 2nd question,
The boot settings will not be affected by power failure, it is stored in the same non-volatile memory as transmitter pairing info.

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