Product Does Not Program

I bought 2 L-Visor-1 remote controls from you through Amazon. The write-up on Amazon said the remote would work with Sears Craftsman openers made between 1997 and 2014. The date on the opener motor plate is 9/11. The write-up also says they are for purple color learning systems. The button on my opener motor is purple. The write-up also says these remotes are compatible with Sears 139.53753. The remote I’m trying to replace is a 139.53753. Following your directions, I pressed the learn button and verified that the light on the motor unit came on. I immediately pressed and held the main button on the remote until the light on the motor went out. There were no light blinks or clicks from the motor and the remote did nothing at all when I pressed the button. Why did the remote not program as your instructions said it would?

Hi, can you please check the below.

  1. When you press & hold remote control buttons, does the LED stays solid on or blinks (it should stays solid).
  2. Can you please try erase codes on your opener motor, and program our remote again? sometimes, customer had success after erased existing codes.

Thanks and please let me know.

After erasing existing codes and trying again, the remote programmed successfully. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the feedback,
and just let me know if you have any questions in future.

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