Problem with programming your remote controllers

Dear sir or Madam,

We have bought 30 pcs of your BFT MITTO 4M remote controllers but we are not able to copy code from the original BFT type B RBC, 0678.

We can successfully press the hidden key on the original BFT RBC transmitter that has code already memorised so it starts transmitting the code.

However, we are not able to correctly start the learning mode on your BFT MITTO remote controller, as we are not able to press the hidden key (we are pressing upper two buttons at the same time). I notice that the light on your BFT MITTO remote controller does not blink to indicate that remote controller is in learning state.

Can you please give me exact instructions on what to do to successfully copy the code from the original BFT type B RBC transmitter?

Thank you for your quick answer.

Best regards,

We haven’t made BFT remotes since long time ago, the products you bought are made by other suppliers.
Please contact your seller for help, thanks.

I remember our B1’s hidden key is to press 3+4 together.

Also you might need to replace battery first, since the order is more likely 6 years ago.

I tried, but it does not work. The light on the remote goes on the same way if I press only one button or if a press buttons 3+4 together. The remote does not go into learning state. What should be the correct light signal that remote in successfully in the learning state?
The original BFT remote indicates activation (an also learning of the code) with special light signal. Is there similar signal with your remote?

Our B1 doesn’t learn from other remotes, it program to receiver only.
There is no special led signal.

Can you please give me exact instructions on how to program the remotes with receiver for BFT gate (vehicular barrier), model: MOOVI 30-60 – ALPHA BOM.

Sorry we don’t have specific instructions for particular doors.

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