PRG1 & PRG2 buttom doesn't work

Hello, I want to program my controls again, but when I press the programming buttons, the SIG led turns on, but I stop pressing it and it turns off immediately, it does not allow me to program the controls, I have the 220U V5.

For 202U V5 and before, you will need to press & HOLD the PRG buttons, during programming.

For programming videos, please see below.

I’m sorry, although I’m telling you that I tried it like this too, and it didn’t work, but it turns out that the one that is defective is the remote control, I tried programming with a new one and it worked, now my problem is the old remote control, I already changed the battery and still does not recognize it, what can it be?

When you press & hold any button on Remote, does led turn on solid or flashes?

Hello, when I press and hold the button on the remote, the led blinks

Please see below, how to change working mode to 202u (solid), depending on remote versions (old or new).

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