Power Supply Voltage (plus/minus)

If I’m using a 120VAC to 24VAC transformer to power the 202u module and the transformed voltage is measured at around ~29.5VAC. Is this higher voltage going to damage the controller? My electrical utility supplies our house voltage at around ~122VAC so I’m guessing that’s why the transformer is a little high.


Hello RVin,

Please don’t use the transformer.

As ~29.5Vac is too high for the switch circuit, and will damage the receiver’s circuit (immediately or in the long run).

Our 202U V3 can accept up to 28Vac according to specification. Although this has been improved over 202U V2 (which is 24Vac), still we recommend the actual maximum value should be +/- 2V around 24Vac for stability.

Maybe you will need to use a 12VDC adapter to power up our receiver or find other options to lower the voltage.

Please let me know if you have other questions, thank you.

Thanks for the clarity, I’ll purchase another power supply.