Power Supply to Transmitter

I want to wire a constant power supply to my transmitter, which will be mounted to the wall. Besides the battery contacts, are there places on the board I can solder wires from a 3v DC power supply? I see 5 holes in the lower left corner of the board, but can’t tell for sure what these might be used for.


Thanks a lot! I’m very impressed with your product so far.

You can see the white text label beside each holes, written as ‘6’ ‘D’ ‘C’ ‘-’ ‘+’ (might not in exact order).

The ‘+’ ‘-’ is for DC 3V input.

Please make sure the polarity is correct before apply power, or it may damage the transmitter.

Any way to add an antenna to the transmitter?

I’m afraid you can’t, because the onboard antenna’s working mechanism is different from external antenna.

Thanks for always responding so quickly!

How would I connect an external antenna to the receiver, which has a coaxial cable? Is it the center conductor that gets wired to the antenna wire?

See below, from 1:30 forward.

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