Power supply for 202u

Can I wire the unit directly to a 12v marine battery to power it? I want to use alligator clips directly to the battery terminals.

Since it’s 12v, so it should work just fine.

Just please note our receiver has standby current ~10mA, so it will constantly drain your battery.

Thanks for reply.

If I use the battery disconnect will I have to program the transmitters every time I reconnect the battery?

Also if it is a 550 cca battery (it is in an RV) how long would it take to drain the battery if the RV was in storage but I did not disconnect the battery?

The programming stays during power off, as long as you don’t erase them.

Here is a battery calculator, you can input your battery specs and our 202u standby current (~10mA).

Ok thanks for information.

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