Power supply blew up

Hi - I bought the 24v wireless remote the other the other day from amazon. I read the specs carefully and the unit power said 24v AC which is the transformer I have. I checked the transformer output and it’s reading 24v AC. When I connected it go the 2 terminals the voltage regulator (black chip with heat sink on top of it) blew up!

Did I get a bad unit or did I read the specs wrong?

Hello David,

Sorry for the inconvenience, it seems to be a bad unit, we write 24V AC for power input because the power chip should handle this voltage, and if the transformer is output 24V AC correctly, we’re responsible for it.

You can mark the unit as defective, and return the unit for a full refund.

Our new shipment should reach Amazon warehouse early next week and available for sale, we will have a better designed receiver KIT-2, maybe you can order the new receiver to try, if you’re interested.

Thank you and sorry again for the trouble.


My colleague sees you already returned the unit, so I will mark the topic as resolved for now, please let me know if you still have questions in future, thanks.