Power requirements

The spec calls for a 12v at 50mA which is .6 Watts. My broken remote system has a 22VAC at 30mA which is .66 Watts. Will this be acceptable to you switch mode power supply?

I’m afraid not.

Our relay are at 5Vdc (this is by using onboard switching power supply to down convert voltage).

When at 12Vdc, Our receiver unit standby current is ~12mA, and each relay consumes ~70mA.

So when one relay on, current is ~80mA, while when both relays on, current is ~150mA.

So you will need a bigger power supply, such as those commonly seen 12Vdc 1A (or 0.5A) ones.


My old garage door opener apparently does not put out enough power on its 12-24v circuit as when I wire receiver to the wall switch nothing happens. ( opener is over 30 years old.) Where can I get a 12vdc power supply that will work with 202U5?

For example, should work.

You can find plenty of them on market, I’m not affiliated with above seller in anyway, thus can’t guarantee its quality etc.