Power issues. Led will not light

Tried power supply with DC 24V 1A output and led will not work. Tried 9V and 12V batteries and nothing happened as well.

How can I check if the reley is ok?

Hello Ofir,

Sorry for the inconvenience, did you mean the PWR LED will not work, when you plugged power into upper right two 12-24V terminals?

Sometimes, the screw terminals connection needs to be tighten a little harder for good connection.

Would you show me the connection photo if possible?

You can use image upload website, such as http://imgur.com/ or https://postimage.org/ and then post the image link here.

Look forward to your reply, thanks!

Hello Ofir,

I will mark this topic as resolved due to no further response, please contact us any moment via ‘contact us’ page if you still have questions, thanks.