Potting Compound?


I would like to use QTY 2 202U remotes on my eCargo bike to control various accessories. I have purchased the remotes, breadboarded everything out - all works as expected!

I am excited to install on the bike and put to use - but I am concerned about long-term longevity for two reasons:

  1. shock and vibration
  2. humidity / water ingress (the case dimensions are practically too small for cable glands)

My question is:

Is it acceptable/possible to “pot” the 202U? I understand that I would never be able to change the DIP switch settings, etc. but are there are any other negatives?

For reference, I would use this (unless you have a better recommendation):

Epoxyseal 9000



I think it is possible, just be careful when potting around the learn buttons.
After potting, you will unable to see any leds.
There should be no other negatives I can think of.

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