Override switches

I am needing to hook up an override switch that will control the forward/reverse of a DC motor. If at all possible… already had issues with the 202u V4 and had to repair it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Do you mean limit switch as override switch?

And could you please elaborate on the issues with V4 and had to repair?


A simple limit switch wiring can be found at https://imgur.com/a/EjblV

It is used for feedback control only, not for direct manual control.

It would be a manual override switch. And while trying to figure out how to hook up the override switch and total max/min travel LED indicators I over heated the j3y micro transistor for relay #1. Thanks

I’ve asked engineer, it seems direct control is not possible without heavy mod, because we will have to consider the control priority and the electronics logic.

The J3Y is a NPN transistor 8050D, you can replace it with BC547 or other commonly available NPN transistors.

Anyway, please don’t apply larger than 5V on any microcontroller pins, as it will damage MCU permanently, and always use current limiting resistor at base of transistor.

Engineer think it may need another transistor to achieve what you need, but he can’t figure it out right now, please share with us if you have new findings, thank you.

Well… Ok I will keep trying and will post here with any progress and if you do figure something out please let me know as well.

Not worried about heavy mods to the 202u V4 because it’s indoors.

Anyway thanks so much for your help.