Operating the two relays independently in latching mode.

I have purchased a Model 202U V4 to operate two different devices. The way the instructions seem to describe the latching mode, Relays 1 and 2 interact with each other, this mode will not meet my requirements. I need the remote control to start and stop my devices independently and stay latched on until shutdown is desired. Device 1 is a motor and Device 2, a light. Either one needs to be turned on or off independently and remain on or off until buttons are pressed on the transmitter. Each device needs to have a dedicated pair of buttons assigned. As an example, Button A would turn the motor on, Button B would stop the motor. Button C would turn the light on and Button D would turn the light off. Sometimes I want the motor to run and sometimes the light needs to be on. Other times, they both need to be on or off at the same time. Can the 202U be programmed to function in this manner?

Hello Ernie,

Sorry our two relays are in the same latching group, and due to our current receiver design, when relay 1 is on, then relay 2 will be turned off (in our latching, inter-locked mode)

We designed this way to meet the demands of forward and reverse small DC motors (polarity reversing applications).

I understand this is not you need, I think I can provide following suggestions.

  1. Use hold / toggle mode (this is not perfect, since you will not be sure press a button will turn on, or off. because it just toggles)

  2. Use two receivers side by side, and use only one relay per receiver (this will be costy)

  3. Or you can return the receiver and check if there are other products meet your requirements.

We’re consistantly improving our products, and open to suggestions.

Can you suggest a way, that we can keep the polarity reversing features, And can work as you needed?

Thanks and let me know if you have other questions.

Thanks William for your explanation. I believe I will operate both relays in the hold / toggle mode. This project is a vacuum cleaner noise maker with a night light for my grandson’s room. He has autism and is calmed by the sound of a vacuum cleaner which allows him to sleep. The remote control allows the vacuum and the night light to be operated independently from the other room without the need to enter his room. Since the vacuum can be heard from outside his room when it is running the hold/toggle mode will work fine. Since you will not be able to know if the night light is on or off when the door is closed, I can use the hold/toggle mode for it as well but will need to mount a small auxiliary light outside the room that will be on when the night light is on. Since the vacuum motor may require higher current and may introduce electrical noise in the receiver circuit, I will separate the receiver and vacuum motor a distance apart. The vacuum motor will be installed inside an enclosure that mounts up high on his wall. I will use an auxiliary relay for the vacuum motor and mount it in the vacuum enclosure, this relay will operated with a different 12v power supply than the one that powers the receiver.

Ernie Overstreet

Thanks Ernie for sharing the application with us.

I have revised some text on the product description page so hopefully it will cause less confusion in future, thanks for your feedback.

And just let me know if you have any more questions in future.

Kind Regards,