Only one button programmable on C-LA-mini Type 1

X001UJS8YB Just received.
I am able to pair it with the garage door opener motor unit, but only with ONE of the four buttons.
Trying to add a second opener to the mini unit does not work, even though the remote LED comes on as if is sending, and the garage door opener acts as if it has paired successfully. After that, it should work, but nothing happens when I press the activation button on the remote.

What’s your opener’s model number?
And when you press & hold any our remote’s button (for example, A)
Does it show steady light, or flashes?

It is a LiftMaster 3280 (or 3280-267; the manual we have is for both.) The opener has a purple learn button.

When I press and hold, the LED is steady. It took a few tries to program a button, and programming the second one simply did not work. On one remote, the one I managed to program was the A button, and on the other it was the B button.
I was also programming another type of garage door remote at the same time, and had no issues, so I don’t think it’s an error on my part.

Can you please try put our remotes a little farther from opener during programming?
Thanks and please let me know.

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