One remote works fine, the other stopped working and won't pair

I have a 202U V6 kit purchased at Amazon that has been working for a year. One TX134 remote continues to work with relay 1, but the second one which blinks when pressed no longer operates relay 1. I have attempted to add a code from the non working remote to the 202U V6, but the 1) Signal light on the receiver shine solid when pressing PRG1, and when 2) I press button B on the second transmitter that stopped working, the light on that remote flashes continuously, 3) but the SIG LED never flashes, but instead turn off. I have repeated the steps to store a transmitter code exactly as listed in the manual without success.

I have removed and replaced the battery in the non-working remote and tried again several times.
I have held down C&D on the remote, then pressed C for 3 seconds and tried again several times.

Transmitter 1 continues to work, but I am unable to get transmitter 2 working again.

Please help. Thanks

Please see below, thanks.

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