One of my two TX134 transmitters stopped working

One of my two TX134 transmitters stopped working. Its little red light just blinks and doesn’t stay on when pushing its buttons. I tried a new battery and re mating it to the receiver but that didn’t fix it. Help!

It seems the remotes have switched to TrioAes mode (flashing led during button press).
Please follow the steps below to switch back.
Hi, we have made some changes to remote, please try following.

  1. Press buttons C+D together for 3 seconds until led blinks.
  2. Release all buttons.
  3. Press & hold button A for 1-2 seconds (more is ok, but 1-2 seconds should be enough).
  4. Release all buttons.
  5. Wait for 5-10 seconds.
  6. Try program to receiver again.


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